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About Us

Who are we?
Mission and Vision Statements

Vision: We envision a thriving live theatre community in Colorado, where artists, theatres and patrons are empowered to connect with one another, share resources, create and benefit from increased opportunity, and support each other’s successes and endeavors.

Mission: The Colorado Theatre Guild (CTG) encourages growth and excellence in live theatre in Colorado by creating connections within the theatre community and providing supporting programs and services in education, advocacy and promotion to patrons, producers and artists.

Organizational Values

Inclusiveness where the full range of theatres, artists and patrons have a place at the table.
Diversity where everyone is welcome and belongs in the Colorado theatre community.
Community where the bond between patrons, producers and artists is viewed as being interdependent, generative and supportive.
Collaboration where a vibrant community is maintained through continual partnership, interaction, flow of ideas and resources, and work together.
Celebration where the achievements, contributions, and friendships of members of the community are highlighted and appreciated.
Excellence where quality theatre is aspired to, empowered and recognized.
Artistry where unique expression, imagination and ability are supported and promoted.
Progressiveness where an eye is kept on the future of live theatre.
Professionalism where we operate as an organization with integrity and accountability.

Where did we come from?
History of the Colorado Theatre Guild

Founded in 1979 as the “Colorado Theatre Producers Guild” by Henry Lowenstein, Ed Baierlein, Al Brooks and Maxine Munt, the Guild was initially created to bring producers of live theatre in Colorado together to communicate and share information.  In 1999, the organization adopted a new trade name and broadened the scope of its membership to include both theatre production companies and individuals in the theatre community.  That year The Colorado Theatre Guild, or “CTG,” grew to over 80 members; new committees were formed, and CTG began to develop a broad pallet of new programming to serve its growing community.

In 2001, the CTG received preliminary approval for 501(c)(3) status, with final approval confirmed in early 2006.  In 2003, CTG launched its website which has become a comprehensive resource and communication tool for connecting and enhancing all things theatre in Colorado.  2003 was also the first year CTG collaborated with the Denver Center Theatre Company to allow area producers and directors to participate in the Denver Center’s annual non-equity auditions.  That collaboration continues today and is the largest combined audition in the state.

In June of 2006, CTG produced the first annual “Henry Awards” at the Denver Civic Theatre.  Named for legendary Colorado theatre producer Henry Lowenstein, the Henry Awards honor achievements in acting, directing and design, as well as production and season of work.  In 2008, the Henry Awards were co-sponsored by Actor’s Equity Association, the labor union representing more than 48,000 Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.  In 2010, the Henry Awards were held at the “Space” Theatre at the Denver Center Theatre Company’s performing arts complex in downtown Denver.

Today, the CTG is a completely unique organization with the dual mission of supporting the theatre community while at the same time providing the public with information, access and opportunities relating to live theatre events statewide.  Currently, CTG has nearly 250 individual and organizational members, and CTG member organizations range in size from large theatre companies, such as the Denver Center, to smaller community theatre groups from across the state.  In addition to managing and producing the Henry Awards, CTG offers a weekly e-newsletter, website, workshops and panel discussions on topics of concern to the Colorado theatre community, the New Ventures Series promoting new playwrights, and “Theatre Night Out” – a unique subscription package which offers an affordable sampling of plays from area theatres.

No other organization works to assist theatre companies, small and large, in cultivating and sustaining audience membership, while at the same time promoting new and emerging artists and providing comprehensive services to the theatre community and the public.

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