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Mission and Bylaws

Who are we?
Mission and Vision Statements

Vision: We envision a thriving live theatre community in Colorado, where artists, theatres and patrons are empowered to connect with one another, share resources, create and benefit from increased opportunity, and support each other’s successes and endeavors.

Mission: The Colorado Theatre Guild (CTG) encourages growth and excellence in live theatre in Colorado by creating connections within the theatre community and providing supporting programs and services in education, advocacy and promotion to patrons, producers and artists.

Organizational Values

Inclusiveness where the full range of theatres, artists and patrons have a place at the table.
Diversity where everyone is welcome and belongs in the Colorado theatre community.
Community where the bond between patrons, producers and artists is viewed as being interdependent, generative and supportive.
Collaboration where a vibrant community is maintained through continual partnership, interaction, flow of ideas and resources, and work together.
Celebration where the achievements, contributions, and friendships of members of the community are highlighted and appreciated.
Excellence where quality theatre is aspired to, empowered and recognized.
Artistry where unique expression, imagination and ability are supported and promoted.
Progressiveness where an eye is kept on the future of live theatre.
Professionalism where we operate as an organization with integrity and accountability.

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